Ford 2.3L 03-06 Cylinder Head


PROFessional Powertrain 2FHK Ford 2.3L 03-06 Remanufactured Cylinder Head

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  • All cylinder heads are both vacuum and pressure tested to verify valve seating, and integrity of water passages.
  • All cylinder heads are packaged in environmentally safe and recyclable containers that are the perfect size for returning your original core.
  • All threads and machined surfaces are and repaired with technology that exceeds the original metal
  • Non-sealing iron surfaces painted to prevent oxidization.

Cylinder heads are remanufactured (not rebuilt) and include new valve stem seals and soft plugs. Camshafts are verified for profile and base circle run out and polished with “Q-Pac” automated tape polishing technology for all OHC applications. All valve springs are replaced or verified with computer controlled testing equipment. All valve seats are cut to three angles to maximize sealing and flow


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