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Although free bitcoin generator seems like purifies exciting option than gold this year, precious metal expert Rick Rule advises investors not to get distracted by things that “don’t matter.”

Bitcoin versus gold debate has been an advantage for like Rick Rule, president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, who chooses gold every time over free bitcoin generator.

Hopefully people continue to compare gold to bitcoin in 2018, he told Kitco News on the sidelines of Gold and silver coins Summit in San francisco.

“The more people pay attention to stuff that doesn’t matter, the better the chance some old guy like me has to compete,” Rule said. “So, the fact in which get distracted by things that don’t matter is very to me. Must i get tired of it? No, I never get tired of durable competitive advantage.”

Gold is just not a speculative play, meaning that it is always a more dull investment, but is actually possible to that characteristic right off the bat that makes the yellow metal so attractive, Rule identified.

“If I were a speculator, I wouldn’t be chasing gold because salvaging not exciting after a speculative point of view. From your time and money point of view, or owning physical gold the way I own it, as insurance, it’s got done its job and preserved its purchasing power,” he noted. “But, more importantly, gold stocks are set of up to do quite well too.”

Rule admits that lately people in order to choosing equities or free bitcoin generator over the yellow metal, which might have hurt golden. But, according to the well-known investor, customers can spot should be focusing on something else.

“It probably has [had a negative impact on gold], but my belief is that fresh attention to more important things like the business’ ability to create cash as well as performance that exceeds expectation,” he explained. “And what people are missing about gold right now simple fact its expectations are so low in 2018 that [it] almost can’t escape surprising people to the upside.”

Gold prices saw significant gains on Wednesday, with key event being the discharge of the FOMC minutes. December Comex gold briefly rose above $1,294 and was last seen at $1,292.20, up 0.82% on the day. Meanwhile, bitcoin last traded at $8,243.60, up 1.81% on the day, after hitting an all-time most of $8,380 on Tues.